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Welcome to Sam Evans Global. We are a leading Other that specializes in providing innovative solutions for businesses. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and drive success. With our cutting-edge technology and personalized approach, we deliver exceptional results. Explore our website to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in reaching new heights.

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The one thing I love to do is to serve others; guide others, and activate others' truth embodiment of self without having to sell your soul.

It's about helping others to trust deeply, infinitely and effortlessly with emotional, mental, and energetical mastery.

That power that exists within you, is worth more than anything in this world.

So can you imagine accessing that deep connection to your spirit, trusting deeply in all you do, to create the life that you deeply desire, when you energetically, mentally, and emotionally believe?


You just have to learn how to master your emotions, with trust and belief because you were born to lead.

It's time you joined my collective mission to create the ripple impact of change.

Trust in YOU

Trust in your POWER.

Trust in your DESIRES.

Trust in PEOPLE.

Trust in your RESULTS.

Trust that no matter what, you will achieve, when you simply believe IN YOURSELF, YOUR POWER, AND YOUR VISION.


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I'm Sam Kaur Evans, I'm a Subconscious Therapeutic Specialist and I'm here to help you legit become a leading expert in your industry, as one of the most transformational coaches, mentors, and leaders in the world.

"Actualising your dream life & business only feels hard and difficult purely because of your unconscious programming.


You know you were born for success, to be the game-changer, the one who did it in your family; yet it feels as if life is constantly testing you, with this constant fear consuming your soul, which causes you to feel blocked, and uncertain and therefore chasing your tail for answers.

In 2018, the year I began my coaching career, I was drowning in debt, I lacked emotional intelligence and was consumed with so much trauma, that I couldn't see straight; yet everyone kept coming to me for help with their mind and I had no idea why or how to help them, until I discovered the power of the subconscious mind and healing root causes of emotional limitation stored at the unconscious level.

Everything began to literally shift as soon as I invested in my own 1:1 coach and mentorship to help me to help you as I realised the problems I had to face, was the only way for me to grow through what I went through, so I could help you create bigger transformations, with bigger results, and bigger success achievements.


This instant gratification process is no longer going to cut it.  

It's time to lead the way, for others to deeply surrender to emotional mastery, by facing any issues with gentle therapeutic processes and then eliminating the root cause, and activating core success codes, simply by starting from within.

To lead yourself in life requires a deep sense of trust - trust in you; trust in your decisions; trust in your beliefs; trust in your moves; trust in everything.


With trust comes love, faith, and a deep connection to your purpose, whatever it may be which in turn, allows you to trust that your desires, your dreams, and your infinite ability to achieve whatever you want, actually actualizes because you trust you. It will always start with you.


Welcome to my world."

Success Stories


Maril, USA - Cyber Tech 

"Sam! You will always be the Coach who fixed my brain! I tell everyone about you!"

"I had been watching Sam for a while, and I decided to work with her to help me with my current problems. I had little or no belief that I could become someone in other people's lives that they would want to be around, not just because they are related to me.

My boss told me that I had little emotional intelligence, and when I took the test with Sam, it was safe to say that he was wrong. The areas that I lacked in were purely because of the events that occurred when I was a child and I had no idea what was holding me back.

There were so many breakthroughs I had, but I was surprised to learn how many beliefs and habits had formed over 1-2 childhood memories that I just held on to all these years.


Goes to show how much someone's thought process, outlook, and opinions of themselves form when they're young and by unique experiences.

I figured out why I thought I wasn't worth loving, why I try so hard to control everything, why I take it so personally when people affront me, and why I wasn't able to let go of conflict.


Before, I was 100% unable to just (wholeheartedly) forgive someone who had wronged me. Now, no lie, I truthfully can without them even knowing.

I've won several global competitions for bodybuilding and landed my dream job shifting from $25k to $180k since working with Sam.

Sam has this power to just FIX YOUR BRAIN!


She is an incredible coach and the growth I have seen has been phenomenal! She is great at building rapport with clients as well!"


Monique, UK - Founder & CEO Perfect Planner Company

"Sam, came just at the right time when things were feeling really uneasy, which soon shifted, thanks to her magic!"

"I knew for quite some time that there were limiting beliefs and barriers preventing me from moving forward, and I really just had enough of staying stuck and resisting change. 

I decided to work with Sam because I really wanted to move my business to the next level, and not feel so overwhelmed all the time. 

By working with Sam, I realised that I can do anything I put my mind too, and I don't have to be so stressed out all the time and I am more than good enough. 

Thanks to Sam, I much more relaxed and also much more assertive and confident in my decision-making. I've also become more confident in the decisions I made and now, I believe in myself so much more than before, which in turn has allowed me to really look at the directions I was taking and what I need to do to move my business forward which has allowed my business grow exponentially since working with Sam. 

Sam, is your biggest cheerleader, and supporter, and when she says something is going to happen, she's always right!

Sam is a bundle of knowledge and energy. I value her as a friend and as a therapist. She has helped me so much and I am hugely grateful for her friendship, guidance, and support. It's been an incredible experience.


Thank you. "


Laurie Burrows - Business Coach

"I really wanted to pack it all in - in fact I did! I rebranded my entire business, my mindset and my life, all thanks to Sam!"

"I never thought in a million years, that I would ever hire a 1:1 coach until I met Sam.

After witnessing her at my live event in November 2021, I just knew there was something powerful about her.

In 2022, I could see a huge shift in the coaching industry, and if i'm honest I actually wanted to pack it all in.

Everything in my life felt like a mess, even though my business was thriving, and I couldn't understand what to do to make it all feel good.

Working with Sam, was the best decision I ever made because everything changed energetically, emotionally and mentally.

I began to speak up more clearly about what I wanted in my life and business; things were changing alot at home and my health had also improved, with losing weight as well.

If it wasn't for Sam, I wouldn't have felt so comfortable when my business sales dropped in the Summer as I used to panic so much before.  But this time allowed me to deeply focus on the next level of my business, which has increased my sales and my growth.

Sam is so lovely, and I would recommend her in a heartbeart.


 Thank you beautiful for everything."

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