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I'm Sam Kaur Evans, CEO of the Cognitive Switch Training Academy, where my biggest goal is to provide businesses, leaders, coaches and corporations, the most advanced knowledge and leadership skills to enhance your practice and business, through deep and thorough accredited certifications, as an IPHM and IAPC&M Approved Professional Training Provider.


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Having been on my own journey of evolution, and experiencing every type of coaching modality out there, AND  executing it with my own clients, I realised that everything I had ever been through, learned and acquired, was happening because my purpose was to serve more coaches online to make:



Each of my certification courses follow 4 simple steps to make it super effective and efficient for you to understand exactly how to utilise each technique and combine it into your practice.  I deeply believe each course marries each other collectively, to ensure your clients achieve their results and most importantly, you achieve your goals too within your business.

Each certification course follows my famous four pillars which is taking the coaching industry by storm.

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I believe it's vital to ensure that when you invest into a course or programme, you want to make sure you have the best tools and techniques in your business, as a powerful and reputable leader.

This is not to say that I am the only one available in the world - OF COURSE NOT! But I also recognised where humans like you, who have reached this page for a reason, have struggled to support your clients, to achieve the best of the best, through lack of understanding and embodiment of your current practice.

Since becoming a training provider in 2021, having successfully taught one hundred souls across all my certification programmes, I have ensured that all courses are backed by international and recognised boards to ensure that you feel safe and secure when you invest in your business.

From CPD, to IAPC&M, my certification courses have been scrutinised to every single word and process, to ensure that you receive the best luxurious knowledge and wisdom within your business as a thriving business online. 

You know you deserve to have the best, and you also know what you want.  So check out the certification courses and trust the pull you feel to which one feels right for you, right now.

I also love to offer complimentary conversations too, because you want to make sure you feel connected to me, and most importantly, you get what you pay for. 

Click the link below to complete the online application process so we can deeply connect and speak about how your business is about to go boom as one of the leading subconscious healing souls in the world and also create a powerful RIPPLE IMPACT  of growth, wealth and success, simply by starting from within.​

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Below is a list of my certification courses.  Whether you want them individually or collectively, take a peek at trust the inner pull to guide you as to what you desire to learn, right now, to make more impact, more income as you intuitively decide what is the next tool to add to your practice.

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I really do believe that due diligence is vital when it comes to knowing who you are investing in. So in the briefest possible way, here is my background for you to know that you are entrusting your investment, your mind, and your business, into the right hands.



Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy practitioner and coach.

Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy, & Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner 


  • Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy, & Hypnotherapy Master Coach

  • Certified EIQ Practitioner


  • Inner Child Healing Diploma

  • Founder of The Oneness Method

  • Human Design Course

  • Silent Counselling Practitioner (SC)

  • CEO Cognitive Switch Training Academy

  • IPHM Accredited for Training Academy and Courses

  • Founder of Subconscious Healing Therapy under the

  • Success Activation Method Certification Programme

  • EQ Practitioner

  • Silent Counselling Accredited Trainer


  • Founder and Trainer of EQ Mastery Coach Certification 

  • Founder and Trainer of Rapid Energetic Activation Technique with Human Design

  • Accredited ABH Hypnotherapy Trainers Trainer

  • Subconscious Healing Therapy Practitioner Trainer

  • Oneness Method Trainer

  • CPD Accredited for Subconscious Healing Therapy 

  • Accredited by IAPC&M 


  • Undergoing CPD Accreditation for EQ Mastery Coach

  • Undergoing CPD Accreditation for Rapid Energetic Technique

  • Undergoing IAPC&M Accreditation for EQ Mastery Coach

  • IAPC&M Accredited for Success Activation Method


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