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I'm Sam Kaur Evans, CEO of the Cognitive Switch Training Academy, where my biggest goal is to provide businesses, leaders, coaches and corporations, the most advanced knowledge and leadership skills to enhance your practice and business, through deep and thorough accredited certifications, as an IPHM and IAPC&M Approved Professional Training Provider.

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Having been on my own journey of evolution, and experiencing every type of coaching modality out there, AND  executing it with my own clients, I realised that everything I had ever been through, learned and acquired, was happening because my purpose was to serve more coaches online to make:



Each of my certification courses follow 4 simple steps to make it super effective and efficient for you to understand exactly how to utilise each technique and combine it into your practice.  I deeply believe each course marries each other collectively, to ensure your clients achieve their results and most importantly, you achieve your goals too within your business.

Each certification course follows my famous four pillars which is taking the coaching industry by storm.

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I believe it's vital to ensure that when you invest into a course or programme, you want to make sure you have the best tools and techniques in your business, as a powerful and reputable leader.

This is not to say that I am the only one available in the world - OF COURSE NOT! But I also recognised where humans like you, who have reached this page for a reason, have struggled to support your clients, to achieve the best of the best, through lack of understanding and embodiment of your current practice.

Since becoming a training provider in 2021, having successfully taught one hundred souls across all my certification programmes, I have ensured that all courses are backed by international and recognised boards to ensure that you feel safe and secure when you invest in your business.

From CPD, to IAPC&M, my certification courses have been scrutinised to every single word and process, to ensure that you receive the best luxurious knowledge and wisdom within your business as a thriving business online. 

You know you deserve to have the best, and you also know what you want.  So check out the certification courses and trust the pull you feel to which one feels right for you, right now.

I also love to offer complimentary conversations too, because you want to make sure you feel connected to me, and most importantly, you get what you pay for. 

Click the link below to complete the online application process so we can deeply connect and speak about how your business is about to go boom as one of the leading subconscious healing souls in the world and also create a powerful RIPPLE IMPACT  of growth, wealth and success, simply by starting from within.​



For each of my steps in my CS framework, there is a unique process that allows me to deeply recode my clients lives, instantly.  Through deep rapport, breaking the clients ego barriers, with gentle therapeutic processes, each course has been carefully put together to ensure that you not only become the leading expert in your niche, with the right tools and techniques, but the one who deeply knows how to hold space and safely eliminate root causes of self-sabotage from the get go. Have a nosey - for more inquiries or bundle offers, email me directly for your complimentary conversation to discuss your options. 

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I really do believe that due diligence is vital when it comes to knowing who you are investing in. So in the briefest possible way, here is my background for you to know that you are entrusting your investment, your mind, and your business, into the right hands.



Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy practitioner and coach.

Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy, & Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner 


  • Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy, & Hypnotherapy Master Coach

  • Certified EIQ Practitioner


  • Inner Child Healing Diploma

  • Founder of The Oneness Method

  • Human Design Course

  • Silent Counselling Practitioner (SC)

  • CEO Cognitive Switch Training Academy

  • IPHM Accredited for Training Academy and Courses

  • Founder of Subconscious Healing Therapy under the

  • Success Activation Method Certification Programme

  • EQ Practitioner

  • Silent Counselling Accredited Trainer


  • Founder and Trainer of EQ Mastery Coach Certification 

  • Founder and Trainer of Rapid Energetic Activation Technique with Human Design

  • Accredited ABH Hypnotherapy Trainers Trainer

  • Subconscious Healing Therapy Practitioner Trainer

  • Oneness Method Trainer

  • CPD Accredited for The Success Activation Method - Subconscious Healing Therapy 

  • Training Academy Accredited by IAPC&M 


  • Undergoing CPD Accreditation for EQ Mastery Coach

  • Undergoing CPD Accreditation for Rapid Energetic Technique

  • IAPC&M Accredited for Success Activation Method-Subconscious Healing Therapy 

  • IAPC&M Accredited Fellow Coach

  • IAPC&M Accredited Fellow Mentor


  • What is the case study requirement?
    Under the institute of silent counselling, as this technique is not my own, it is required to have three months to complete six case studies, providing two sessions per client totalling to 12 sessions. You will be advised on the training exactly what to do and how to write them up too.
  • What if I miss it live?
    Never fear. You will be able to watch it in your own time and space for the duration of the course. All trainings have been recorded to suit you in your time zone.
  • How is this different to EFT/Breathwork as there is so much of it out there?
    I know there is a lot. The one thing I will get you to ponder on is, if they work, trust it! EFT focuses more on tapping; breathwork, is simply breathing. SC/EAM focuses on touch and breathwork by focusing on the presenting problem, and releasing the root causes, if any, of self-sabotaging energetic blocks, without it ever coming back. No one needs to tap or breath over and over about the same problem. SC focuses on releasing it deeply, and EAM helps you activate your own truth based on your own HD.
  • Is there a case study requirement for the EAM?
    No. As you would have completed/be completing the sc requirement, there is a written assessment requirement to complete as well to ensure your full embodiment and experience of the ability to use human design in practice.
  • Do you give extra support after the certifications?
    If you enrol only onto Silent counselling, there is group support which can support you during your case study assignment period (which is three months) for an additional £77 per month. This will be a space for you to have extra mentoring and support throughout your case study, and even after, you pass. If you enrol on the EAM, the full bundle, you will have additional 6 months of extra VIP support inclusive of the investment.
  • Do you teach human design? What if I already know about it?
    Yes, I do teach the basics of human design, how to read the reports, and most importantly how to understand your clients deeply. I feel too many coaches offer HD readings, and the client feels none the wiser, because there will be limitations stored in the energy centres. How I teach is by showing you how to activate the energetic centres, to enhance each persons human design, without feeling stuck or uncertain. Kinda like a light switch! ONE FLICK AND IT IS ON!
  • Can I just enrol onto silent counselling? (SC)
    Yes you can.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Silent counselling is pay in full only. For the full bundle, you can pay on a 3 month payment plan however your certificates will only be provided once all payments have been made. Please do reach out to ask more about this.
  • What if I want to enrol onto the energetic activation later, can I do that?
  • What's the difference between all the accreditation boards?
    CPD means the course has been approved and endorsed by the official Continuing Professional Development organisation. The CPD accreditation is the trust mark I have added to my training courses to demonstrate the high value of learning experience you will integrate. The accreditation focuses on my ability to deliver training that enables you, the learner, to achieve your professional goals. IPHM "International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine" is a Global Holistic Training Provider Certification Board for high- quality Training Providers that provide students trusted certifications from the best courses they can find. IAPC&M Accreditation (independent of any global training provider) authenticates and validates my coaching or mentoring qualifications. It verifies me as a training provider and coach to ensure that I apply the knowledge and skills that have acquired and practice them effectively and safely. The accreditation also assessed my capability to deliver coaching or mentoring at an international standard. Therefore, my IAPC&M accredited award reflects that I as a training provider can confidently call myself a best-in-class coach and or mentor.
  • I'm so new to coaching, I don't know what to do!
    Every single coach on this planet, was new coach. The best thing that all the thriving coaches ever did, was trust in their moves and JUMP! If everything was easy, everyone would be doing it. So the question is how much do you want it and are you ready to go all in? Again, if this is you, please jump on a complimentary call so we can discuss further.
  • Which course would you recommend for me first?
    That my love, only you can answer. The best thing would be to accept a complimentary conversation by completing the online form so we can discuss your needs further.
  • I really want to learn all of your tools! Can I do that?
    Yes you can. You can either purchase them separately, or send me a message as I have exclusive spaces to support you for 12 months with VIP coaching and mentoring to build your powerful business online to six figures and beyond. Please email me at for more.
  • I have done so many courses, and programmes, and learned so many modalities - why are you so different?
    GREAT QUESTION! Well why are you here? The thing is, most people, THINK and FEEL that they have it all, and there is no more inner work to do. Only yesterday I saw a multiple 6 figure coach state she hired a coach to support her trauma impact from the past. There are so many techniques and methods out there, you are right. The techniques that I teach, are very indepth and it's not just where you achieve a certificate; you experience it; embody it; and execute it; to earn. I not only teach you the tools to add into your business, but you also get to experience coaching/mentoring from me, as a 1:1 coach because truth be told, I will always add that into all areas of my business, because you deserve the best. Unless it's deep personal recoding, that will be 1:1. Again, please speak to me more about this, as I want to make sure you have the best service possible, and of course the right tools to add to your practice.
  • So I get a 1:1 session too?
    Absolutely. Once you have enrolled, you will receive your complimentary EIQ assessment link to complete, and I will schedule in your call the week prior we begin the training so I can show you exactly what key areas to focus on to enhance your own EQ and also what areas you would like to focus on for your business. This will be about a 60 minute session.
  • How will this help me, I already feel I am emotionally intelligent?
    You are right. You have great awareness which is awesome! But there will always be key areas that require enhancing because we never stop evolving and growing; especially as entrepreneurs. That said, imagine being able to see what areas you are doing really in? What if you are already have high levels in certain areas of your own EQ, and imagine being able to activate those key areas into your business now? I will show you how, via your vip 1:1 call.
  • What is EQ?
    EQ stands for emotional quotient - its another term for measuring your emotional intelligence which you will learn during this course via the EIQ2 assessments.
  • How will the forms work, as I like to be quite free in asking questions with my clients?
    The process isn't set in stone - it's not a one way only way process. Using the EIQ assessments, I will be teaching you how to add this into your practice, by allowing you to ask the right questions, to ensure your clients, have the biggest breakthroughs within a 60 minute session. This will then allow you to cater a bespoke coaching package for your clients, should they decide to continue working with you. The words are always going to come from you, remember that.
  • How can I make money straight away?
    These assessments have a fee, which you will be able to purchase in bundles of 5 to use in practice. I am a big believer that you should charge what you feel is right for you, when you are offering these exclusive assessments. Majority of the coaches charged £100-350 per session.
  • What's the difference between your course and other courses out there?
    In my time as a coach, I have attended three different EQ courses and they were all different in their own way. The course that I am providing, is a certification programme where you can have the confidence of it being CPD ad IAPC&M accredited, (both currently in the process of accreditation as of February 2023) to ensure you are provided with the best knowledge and wisdom in helping your clients/business achieve outstanding achievements.
  • What if I miss it live because the times don't suit me?
    GREAT NEWS! I know when we learn something new, it can take time to integrate the knowledge. We absorb only 134 bits of information per second opposed to the 1 million that we actually are shown. With that said, this training course every round is recorded for you to watch for a minimum of three months. Once the three months are over, during the 6 month service and if you decide to stay on with the monthly membership fee, you will have access to the prerequisites and reminders of the process which will be available on a membership.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes I do! Check out the payment section for more.
  • I'm a spiritual coach very woo! Is this something that I can add to my business?
    ABSOLUTELY! Check out the video log on this page, and watch the interview with Bec McGuire. She literally embodied this programme at such an incredible level, that she was able to adapt the process into her practice and enhance her client's lives, simply with emotional mastery.
  • I'm not a business coach or work online, can I still enrol?
    This is such an incredible programme, that should you just wish to learn for yourself, without the certification, then YES. You can. It's a powerful training programme, that will help anyone, anywhere at anytime. I personally feel this will be so beneficial for workplaces, corporate businesses and HR departments too, to enhance the workplace and employees ability to improve their skills.
  • I'm pretty new to this stuff - is it really heavy to understand?
    One of the things, all student coaches tell me, is how EASY I allow the training to be absorbed in a natural and gentle way. You will not only have the trainings to watch but a supportive hand made manual to walk you through the process, step by step.
  • What if I am new to the coaching world, can I earn straight away?
    I cannot guarantee any monetary gains - it's not how it works. But I can show you how to add it into your practice, and what feels right for you to charge, so you can start earning. If you are completely new, then you will understand the fundamentals of building a coaching business and how to deeply release the self-sabotage, for your clients, which in return will bring you more sales, as you become a subconscious healing specialist.
  • Hang on what certifications do I get?
    I know it sounds alot right? But this is fundamentally the Done_For_You certification business where you not only learn the techniques but experience it as a client with accountability partners. You will become a Silent Counselling Practitioner, A Hypno Practitioner, A Subht Practitioner and once all completed a Success Activation Coach!
  • I already have subconscious healing work, recoding, etc - how is your's different?
    Well the question is, is your current practice, tools and techniques actually working? I already specialise in Timeline therapy, and it's a freaking gift! This process is so gentle and lighter, that even clients who thought they had released it before, using global recognised tools, they realised that they hadn't, until I worked my magic with SubHT. If your client's are still struggling, then there is a chance, the method you used, didn't work.
  • What if I miss the training? Can I watch it later?
    You will have access to the trainings for the 6 months of your business, to watch and continue your evolution as we cannot obtain all the information. It will be your responsibility and commitment to make this happen.
  • How long will the container be for, times and duration of the training?
    The course itself is 5 days with times yet to be decided, pending on where in the world you are based. Once we get nearer to the start date, the times will be sent via email. For 2022, we begin 28th November, and for 2023, the dates are week of the 15th May (TBC) and possibly later that year. From the start date, you will have access to a VIP group for extra support and monthly calls to help you further in your business, so you're not left alone after completion.
  • Yeah but, how is your's different?
    There are so many techniques out there. I KNOW. I have like a bunch of them. But only two remove the root causes without it ever returning. Inspired by Hypnosis, NLP and Timeline therapy, my method is far effective in the terms its easier for the client to understand what to do, it's easier for you to transform their unconscious blocks, and it's far more gentler in the approach. The scripts are self-explanatory and easy to read from as you support your client safely.
  • My business is already thriving, how will it help me?
    Do you ever work with clients, and no matter what, that niggly little fear factor, moaning minnie voice, keeps returning? Well there's a reason - IT HAS NOT BEEN REMOVED. With sensitive nervous sytems, it's not about FIGHTING THE FEAR AND DOING IT ANWAY - it's about undressing the fear, learning about the fear, and gently surrendering it for good, so it never comes back. We aren't born with fear - it's man made like the rest of the crap in this world. Your business will thrive even more, because your client's will achieve faster transformations, singing your praises for being a shit hot coach!
  • What's the difference between certification and VIP upgrade?
    In the certification only, you learn everything about the modality, how to put it into practice, and experience the power of the techniques with breakout rooms to practice on each other. There is plenty of time for that. For the VIP upgrade, you will receive an additional 3 months of VIP mentoring and coaching via voxer, to put your business together, and have your own experience as a client to enhance your coaching practice. PLUS recieve Master Practitioner in Hypnosis absolutely free!
  • What are the group programmes that you offer?
    My two signature ones are Authentically Aligned, and Intensify your intentions. I have so many more, and I like to keep these aside, incase I change the names, or duration or process. Each course flows through my framework the Cognitive Switch supported by my three pillars which are to help you Strategise, Actualise and Monetise, to revolutionise success your way, online.
  • I'm already thriving but I feel drawn to you.. how can TAM help me?
    Your soul is obviously calling you here for a reason. I believe nothing happens by chance, and those who desire more hang with those who want more and have more also. Whereever you are right now, the fact that you are seeking something, means you feel potentially that something is still missing. I can even feel it! So ask yourself, what is it that you want, and drop me an email for a complimentary conversation so I can walk with you.
  • Who is the TAM for?
    I think the best way to describe it, is for those who just actually want to achieve results, without feeling like a complete fart! I know, you most probably invested in a shit tonne of courses, and spent thousands. It's becoming more and more apparent with more coaches speaking up about their experiences. This is one of those places where you achieve, and believe because you do the work! Remember, it's within you. One member called it the foundation of all courses. It's not saying that I am the best and that's it! It's a process that allows you to decide fully and wholeheartedly how to lead yourself, by actually leading yourself. Make sense?
  • If I enrolled onto a group programme, can I roll the investment over to a tam package?
    ABSOLUTELY! Just email me at with confirmation of sale, and the intended pathway package, and I will create a link for you to spread the payments out or PIF whichever is easier for you.
  • What if I join after a course I really wanted, do I still get access to it?
    If you enrol on the 12 month package you get everything in the 12 month container. If you enrolled on the shorter duration packages, you will get exactly what you invested and for when. For example, if you enrolled in April, for three months, you will get everything from the three month period the first until the 30th/31st. Let's say you start in middle of the month, then you will still get the full three months ie, April, May, June. And if you started in the month of when a course was issued, you will get that too!
  • I'm completely brand new to building an online business _ can I really generate 6 figures in 12 months?
    I cannot guarantee anything, or by when, but I do confirm that the women in my containers, with a 90-93% success rate, have generated 5, 6, 7 figure businesses through their own inner work and decoding. The one you must do is take full responsibility for is to your own desires and intentions to getting what you want and commit to change. I can 100% guarantee that you will be ready, open, grounded and aligned to being the person with money as the by-product of who you become; because anyone can earn money anyone. But who is it that you need to be, to create that stability, security, and overflow? The more you work on you, the better the ease and flow enters into your life to hold down a business that generates 5, 6, 7, figures and beyond with strategic stability, not wishing or hoping. It's about you.
  • What's the main difference between 3, 6, and 12 months? Like why are you offering three options?
    Firstly, it's to give you options. The option to either stay for a short period, and get what you want, because you know what you want already right? Right up til 12 months, its for the longevity, an ALL IN ALL place where whatever you desire, I got it covered. You just have to decide what you want to do and for how long.
  • What's an ABC call, I get it, but not really!
    In 2022, I discovered a passion for what most people call HOT SEAT COACHING. I didn't like that term, as it's not hot! and it derives from the time of the electric chair in the USA. Not keen on that thankyou! So after last years calls, I realise that there were three things that happen: Activated to speak up and focus on a specific area that requires attention Breakthrough from the old paraidgm, old ways and code a new imprint in the soul. Crystalise with clear intent on what you need to do your way. They normally last about 15-25 minutes per client per call. If you miss the call, there will a be post for you to jot your questions on and I will answer them. The calls are recorded and available to rewatch.
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