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You know that feeling where you know what you have to do but you just can’t do it. It’s like you make a list, you create your plan, you create lists upon lists, and say YES I AM ON IT! this is my time and I am going to shine like a mo-fo diamond! But then something happens.

Someone ignores you (why are they leaving me out!?)

Something happens (why does nothing go right for me?)

Something upsets you (I just cant face this I will do it tomorrow!)

Someone elses success throws you off course (I will never be good enough)

You start and stop tasks in hands (what if I get rejected).

The mind is a powerful tool but no matter how hard you try to push those boundaries, something keeps protecting you from moving forward. This is your sub conscious mind.

Like most, I was so hooked in ‘The Secret’. I didn’t understand the LoA, I mean it was a load of woowoo craziness. ‘You gotta work hard to succeed!!’ That was my moto. Yes, you do need to pull your socks up and raise the bar of your own standards, but you have also got to believe you deserve it. (I love the secret btw esp as I NOW know its power! no pun intended);-)

Let’s say you listen to audios, you meditate like there is no tomorrow, you are constantly in a trance with thoughts like ‘It’s OK I can be positive. It’s OK if I think positive thoughts everything is going to be OK’ but it doesn’t. You have a deep sluggish feeling inside that makes you feel like crap esp. when you DON’T listen to audios or meditate. You read your affirmations but deep down even though it lifts you for a second, something is holding you back.

2 years I did this for - hoping believing that one day I will wake up calm and have the business of my dreams but that was my problem. Firstly, I expected miracles and secondly I didn’t face the core issue - what was niggling away inside stopping me. What was making me cry every day worrying. What was making me argue with my family ‘it’s for us babes!’ repeatedly being said by me.

Lets face facts it’s not always about our families. Yes they will benefit but let’s be honest why can’t we do things for ourselves? We raise children! We gave birth its high time we had success and they reap the benefits!!!

So when did I know? You see, these trapped feelings inside, which makes you feel like you are trapped in a box or behind a brick wall, is like a ball and chain holding you back. These are your trapped emotions, the ones you don’t want to release, the ones you don’t even know exist based on certain memories stored deep in your sub conscious mind that tie you down and prevent you from moving forward.

When you do break free, it’s like opening up a box of butterflies and letting them spread their wings and fly... they have freedom, they have life! Wouldn’t it feel epic to know that you can feel like this!?

SO what’s the results when you set yourself free? You can breathe! You can see! You can trust! You are alive!

This is the power of releasing your root causes of pain and negative emotions and there is no secret, just a certified practitioner who has been through the process. YOU NEVER have to go back, or relive your past, but you can release.

I know YOU, who is reading this, can relate to this. Most probably thinking how does she know? I know because I KNOW! It’s only when you know, YOU TRULY KNOW and been through it yourself that you can help others do the same.

Your time my lovely... x

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