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Seeing my story out there, freaked me out

I'm not even gonna lie. Seeing my story publicly out there, shocked me alot.

It's soared my vulnerability levels where I actually had no idea how it would feel.

Yes. It's my past Yes. I've moved on

But no. I didn't know how I'd feel after

The feedback, emails, comments have actually been overwhelming because I had no idea how much people would respond or resonate with it.

In terms of the male comments yesterday, it just goes to show how limited their thinking is and also how much they lack in eq

Here's the problem with the world-

People judge hard

I personally do feel there wasn't enough about my current life and what I do and I do feel I did cover it but it wasn't all there.

Everyone has a past Everyone has a story

And I know so many of you have lived similar lives and it can be scary to speak up.

I was shocked when I actually saw it

But it's my past

And why I do what I do which I had to grow through

They say all press is good press right!?

But they don't talk about how it will make u feel when u see it after

That I wasn't prepared for

It's been a crazy week of newness massively in new territory and as an emotional authority, i am feeling

I do want to hide I do want to cry I do want to forget about it all

But then how will that ever help anyone!?

I made alot of poor judgements. Poor choices and poor decisions in my past.

Which is why I can gladly say it's not me anymore.

So relieving comments like this. Shows me how much people needed to hear it

I am spending time on me to just settle in this newfound territory which actually I've Been preparing for a year

I just hope people understand why I did what I did, most importantly how I overcame it.

Thank u everyone for your lovely comments it means a great deal.

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