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Sunday Thoughts

Over the past few days, I’ve been feeling a little uncertain and overwhelmed. You see, last year, I held my very first masterclass to launch my very first group mid-level offer coaching programme. Mid-level is, not too low, not too high, just right, to allow you a chance to experience what working with me is like, but most importantly, an empowering shift in your life so you can be the best without self-sabotage.

This entire launch process stressed me out for a number of reasons:

  • I was so hung up on the outcome.

  • I expected way too much and was too hard on myself.

  • I didn’t prepare for my actual programme really well because I was so nervous about getting it all wrong.

  • I spent over £10k on getting this launch ready and I didn't make it all back.

Now, these are the negative thoughts and feelings I felt. The positives were:

  • I learned to seriously face some deep-rooted fears and doubts about launching and overcoming this doomsday syndrome around launching.

  • I realised how vital it is to prepare, and that 1.1 coaching and group coaching are two different elements and I had to learn how to embody both separately.

  • The group programme actually did really well, and I learned a lot of what to do for the next round.

  • That in fact, I don’t need to spend a shit tonne of income, and I can in fact do it organically and I was earning 5 figures anyway from 1.1.

So much has changed in a year, and my body, my physical body began to re-live how I felt last year. So I did a few things:

  1. I decided to host a free masterclass to show you how I overcame these fears and doubts and took my income to the next level, by healing my inner beliefs and emotions around every aspect of finances because you need to know exactly how to do it, and why to do it..

  2. I gave myself a silent counseling session every day to release the negative vibes from my body, which is why I became a trainer in this modality.

  3. I deeply listened to myself and, in fact, I don’t have to post all the same things, or same images, or the same branding every day. I can just speak with trust and patience, making sure I say it how it is, with the deep inner guidance of empowerment and authenticity.

  4. I now feel in alignment.

The funny thing is, everything is happening so fast, which is crazy as in the next few weeks everything I am experiencing is about to be shared with you so you can achieve what I have in a very short time.

Here is what I am doing:

  1. Affluence - This is about the energetics and mindset combined to embody the deep sense of wealth and success without falling back into old habits so you can stand tall and own your god damn self, no matter how much you earn.

  2. Silent Counselling Practitioner Levels 1 and 2 - to help coaches, leaders and people who just want to embody this powerful modality to help themselves and others so that you can get yourself into alignment without the need to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, especially when launching!

  3. Unlock your Money Block - my deep-rooted and powerful money, wealth, and abundance mindset programme begins 15th November, completely revamped and created, sharing everything I have released so you can work on it too, for expansion and evolvement to your next level success.

  4. BFO week - Black Friday offers some exclusive opportunities to expand your business, life and income for a freaking awesome 2022.

The links are all under the titles because I just feel so empowered to share what I have gone through at a whole new level, and I couldn’t have done it, gone through it, or been here, if I had not.

I want you to know that this journey you are on, there is so much to it; it’s simply about owning your power and knowing that every day is possible for you with anything you want when you just believe in yourself.

I love you!

If you have any questions, just hit reply.

Have a beautiful week ahead xxx

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