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What happened to my old BS Story?


So literally 11 days ago, I became certified in NLP and TimeLine Therapy TM. It literally was the most greatest moments of my life. Never in my life have I ever been so ecstatic about anything in my life.

My GCSE’s - I got 9 but not enough A’s so wasn’t good enough.

My A-Level’s - I passed all 3 but didn’t put effort into them.

My Art Foundation Course - I left 3 months before my exams

My Body Massage course - I left before I studied Aromatherapy

My Business Course - I couldn’t afford the payments

My Montessori Diploma - I was vomiting the day I passed my exams, and quit the industry within 3 years from passing. Skills are great,and have served me well but at the time, I never really fully understood it - Until right at the very end.

NOW everything is so much clearer.

Everything I ever did just didn’t feel like it was right for me, it was like I had to do it. So when I began my NLP Journey, yes I did the same things, leaving it to last minute, uncertain of what I had to do, questioned myself, mainly all the things above. But it wasn’t until I was in the room for 5 days that everything changed.

To become a successful and excellent coach especially in this field, you must go through the process yourself. What does this mean? Well, it means you must leave your shizzle let it all go, enough is enough, because if you want success, if you want to be the best then you must release everything.

Now I literally have been working on myself for years, but I knew there were some niggly things I had to let go of - FEAR, ANGER, SADNESS - Fear of failure, Fear of Success, Fear of Money, I’m not good enough - Yep you heard me _ I HAD THOSE FEELINGS STILL!!! We all have them - that’s why I had to go through the process so I can eliminate the root cause for my clients. It’s not just about forgetting, and brushing things under the carpet, and it’s certainly not about reliving the pain or the past memories, it’s about breaking it down, breaking through, breaking free by eliminating and neutralising the root cause, that deeply embedded emotional pain and belief that is holding you back. This is how you set free your BS Story and it’s exactly what I did.

My ANGER went back as far as 3 PAST LIVES AGO!

My SADNESS stemmed from when I was a 3 month old baby!

My FEAR stemmed from when I was 8-12 weeks within my mums womb (and yes I checked with her my memory was correct!)

My limiting belief of ‘I’m not good enough’ stemmed from when I was 9 years old when my parents divorced.

It wasn’t my abuse. It wasn’t my personal neglect. It wasn’t my emotional erratic actions and behaviours or the need to be wanted, and to fit in. It was certain memories that were holding me back, deeply embedded in my sub-conscious mind.

Now, using these incredible techniques, I have helped many clients have their success breakthroughs such as;

i’m not good enough

I don’t deserve success

I want to be more confident

I could go on... and now, releasing their money blocks so they can visualise and connect with their higher purpose, to earn the income they deserve and desire. We all deserve to have true success, but it’s not until you break it down, and set your intentions of what it is you actually want but getting specific.

I want to be a millionaire! Yep - we all do love but if you don’t get specific, if you don’t get to the nitty gritty, if you don’t release and let go of the pain, then it will always remain a dream.

I took action to release my fears, and now I want to help you.

If you would like to eliminate your fears of failure or even fears of success to earn more money, then I have an incredible opportunity for you to work with me, and if you sign up within the next 24 hours you will receive a whopping 40% discount.

It’s literally that simple.

Have an incredible day folks x

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