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"When you bypass the logic, and evolve through consciousness, you are in alignment."

Yesterday I shared this quote on my FB profile:

“Chasing the answer is not the problem; trusting your intuition is” Sam Kaur Evans.

A gorgeous coach asked me, how I trust my intuition, and I wanted to share it with you, because I believe the biggest victory in success is our intuitive power.

Intuition was something I always had, but always ignored.

“She’s always talking, she never listens” was the most common confirmation through my soul’s ears, that I will never listen, because it was what I was always told as a child.

Because of my condemnation of being unable to listen, and constantly talking and not listening anyway, just to feel heard, and seen, I blocked myself completely from trusting myself, listening to myself and believing in myself and putting more trust in others, as a people pleaser, seeking outside validation and wishing that someone could make me better.

If we look at the definition of INTUITION - it’s literally the inner you.

. It's your inner knowing

It’s your inner trusting.

It’s your inner voice.


The thing is, the inner voice is more than likely, coded, and imprinted with what your experiences TOLD you YOU are from when you were in the womb and even passed down through generations.


It’s conditioned with events and memories stored in your DNA, your nervous system, and each and every cell of your being which causes you to lack trust in yourself, or feel uncertain if your intuition is right or wrong.


It’s 90% of your unconscious programming that constantly reminds you without you even knowing, to block you from actively listening and trusting your soul's voice causing doubt over trust.


To deeply trust intuition, to know what is right for you, without second guessing, doubting, or living in fear, it’s about aligning your feelings, your intellectual power, and inner being.


It’s like a jigsaw puzzle.


  1. You put the mind together without control by conscious, overridden thoughts and unconscious limitations.

  2. You tap inwards, and activate your body’s voice consumed with unconscious behaviour and shed the old to make room for the new aligned choices.

  3. You heal the foundation of your soul’s voice, that allows you to lean into trust, hope, faith and believe, as you surrender and flow with peace, love and joy.

. Its a deeper understanding without reasoning, without doubt, without pride.

. So how did I do it?


It’s like layers of an onion.

. To listen deeply inwards, without seeking outward, I had to go deeper and deeper over time.

. So this was my process:

. PHASE 1.

I healed my crazy conscious mind, by going deeper unconsciously, healing mind, heart body and soul so I no longer ALLOWED the conscious thoughts be the driver.


I deeply worked on healing trust issues, with myself, with others, with life by eliminating the root causes of where they all stemmed from to never return.


I deeply integrated humility, forgave, let go, and removed myself from situations that I do not wish to be a part of.


I cultivated a deep sense of patience, with trust in me, in time, and in my life and learned to become an active listen of self and of others.


I accepted that not everything is broken, or requires fixing, just juggling around, in a way that makes sense to me.

. Instinctively I can now connect to my soul’s voice and no matter what it tells me, I have a choice.


Do I listen or not?


Life’s lessons has presented me with solutions by learning WHAT NOT TO DO instead of THIS IS THE WAY!


I take responsibility for what I want, and trust in the outcome, and if it doesn't work out, then I deeply know it's not for me, and something bigger is coming.


It's not always picture perfect. TRUST ME it's NOT!


But this is why I know I am my own greatest competition, because when I lead, I learn, and then I move in a better and bigger way.


I created my own pathway, my way, because I quit trying to seek the fastest solution, and allowed room for the solution to come to me.


My voice speaks all the time.

I listen. I follow. I adhere.


This took time, because of my own conditioning.


But when you can do it too, you instinctively align to your core design, on this planet, intuitively tapped into your soul, activating your own infinite light.


This is the purpose of Authentically Aligned.

Trust in you.

Trust in your intuition.

Trust in your voice.



PS Authentically Aligned is now available for you too. Link now available.

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