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My name is Sam Kaur Evans, the founder of The Cognitive Switch.

In 2019, a 7fig Business Mentor asked me to describe the way I help the client's I work with. 


I replied; " It's like they come to me with a problem, and like a flick of a switch, they turn off their negativity, and turn on the positivity - Its' so quick, like a switch!"


This was the birth of The Cognitive Switch, which is reflected across my entire business where my five part framework is reflected across my brand to support online businesses revolutionise online success, freedom and  generate wealth.

You will always catch me saying, THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU.  

It's because when it comes to building a business, to have the tools and processes, and even the mindset to thrive online, in your life, business  and in yourself, IT HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN - NOT EXTERNAL THINGS.

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