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1:1 Executive Coaching & Mentorship


It's Time To Shift The Burn Out Six Figure Success & Transform Your Business, with Healthy & Wealthy Limitless and Unprecedented Success

Via The Cognitive Switch®️


I'm Sam Evans

Accredited Coach AFC & Mentor AFM specialising in Leadership & EQ Development.

It’s time to Elevate Your Leadership and Sales Performance Without BurnOut & Failed Methods 

In a world where strategy alone isn't enough, my 1:1 executive coaching focuses on enhancing your emotional intelligence (EQ) and overcoming challenges with resilience, perseverance and most importantly, your uniqueness.

Although business strategy is vital, your holistic presence is what will guide you to infinite success with the power of subconscious recoding to build a healthy business without burning out.


Your energy, emotions, and mental beliefs all combined require a soothing transformation that allows you to integrate and implement your core action plans into place, with total trust and belief.

Because you CAN.

Imagine having a tailored, step-by-step life, business & success strategy that aligns perfectly with your unique goals and challenges without needing to revisit or be stuck by past experiences that keep regurgitating and causing you to avoid your next success breakthrough.

Whether you're struggling to grow your client retention, or looking to boost your sales performance, and business revenue, and overcome past experiences that have hindered your quantum success, my 1:1 sales mentorship and therapeutic coaching techniques, is designed to deliver results in a matter of weeks.

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Why Choose 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Combining years of study, experience and expertise, working on yourself with close proximity with proven processes and techiques is the number 1 factor that will shift your results - you don't need fixing - you need solutions and that's where my services will come in.


Tailored to High Achievers

Your challenges & your business are unique, therefore your sales and success strategy should be too.  This is why my solutions are also unique to you. We will dive deep into what drives you and craft unique strategies that align with your personal and professional goals with your highest intention to achieve.


Proven Techniques

Using my proven process, linking energetics, subconscious healing, and 14 years experience in subconscious reprogramming, you will overflow with drive, clarity and motivation that have driven success for hundreds of businesswomen’s lives over the years.  With over 10 years of experience in business and half a million in sales in 7 years, your success will overflow with your commitment to transformational change during your coaching journey.


Beyond Strategy

True success isn't just about tactics, logic or the bog standard mindset tricks and quirks that most people talk about;  It's about deeply transforming your unconscious programming, and elevating your EQ to navigate adversity as you lead with empowered confidence and belief within your ability to achieve.


Unwavering Support

With your existing trust in your power, and ability to achieve more, you will gain a partner committed to your growth with regular sessions and continuous support, and the guidance you need to thrive.

With VIP zoom calls, as an accredited coach and mentor with the IAPC&M, and your commitment to your steadfast evolution, you will tap into the power that exists within, with unbelievable faith and trust, and I will support you every step of the way.



In-Depth Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of your current approach, pinpointing strengths and areas for growth with EQ and Sales IQ assessment to establish your existing thoughts, feelings and behaviours and mapping out your coaching journey together with unshakeable results.

IMPLEMENTATION  Personalised Action Plan

A detailed, personal and next-level actionable roadmap designed to enhance your leadership and sales effectiveness & enhance your business results to drive more wealth into your business and freedom in your life.

Weekly Power Sessions

Intensive coaching calls focused on overcoming your specific challenges and achieving your goals using my proven subconscious healing techniques to release root causes of self-sabotaging believes, emotions and energetics and transform your unconscious with deep healing sessions.

Wealth Activation

Access premium techniques to boost your personal and professional development including wealth recoding, and healing money blocks to enhance your personal power with ease.

 Heightened Awareness

Planning, projection, and strategy solutions to continuously evolve as a leader within your business.  You’ll receive another EQ reading to evaluate your growth with confidence in your ability to move forward into the next phase of your business.

"Sam's the only one who has ever been able to fix my brain!
After my 12 weeks of coaching, my entire perception, transformed and I cannot thank her enough. My annual salary went from $25k to half a million within 18 months after we completed her course! I’ve won awards, competitions, bought my dream home and married my soul mate. I tell everyone about sam, because with her I have developed a stronger, more resilient mindset."

Maril, Red Team Operator| ZOOM

Limited Availability for Committed Clients

To maintain the highest quality of personalised coaching, I only accept a select number of clients. To secure your spot to transform your leadership and sales performance, complete the online assessment form for your perfect unique solution.



Complete the Intake Form:

Click the button below and complete the online form, explaining with confidence and privacy respect, your needs to determine if this elite coaching is the right fit.


Choose Your Custom Plan: There are many things I offer in terms of techniques and tools, and you can select which coaching package feels more in alignment to you to help you shift and leap into your next financial level breakthrough and to achieve your goals.


Once we have had a discussion, and your seat is confirmed, with either pay in full, secured with a deposit or payment plan, we will begin the process of realisation to activate the journey within days.


Achieve Excellence:


You get to choose when you want to start - we will begin your journey to unparalleled success with dedicated, personalised guidance.


What is the duration of the coaching programme?

The programme  will depend on what feels right for you. Typically lasting between 4 to 6 months, tailored to your specific needs, we will meet three times a month, with one week to integrate and implement your steps.

Is this type of coaching right for me?

If you're a high-level professional seeking to enhance your leadership, EQ, and sales performance, and thrive in your power with your ability to achieve more with uncapped limitless success, this coaching is perfect for you. Click the enquiry button & find out more.

I have a busy schedule - how will work?

This is your investment - we of course will come to a mutual agreement for times and dates, but this is about you committing to your next level of success.  So it's time to commit and transform.

I’ve already discovered my root cause of blocks, and I have worked with so many different coaches -  how is your work different?

My question to you is - is it still there?  Are you still suffering from imposter syndrome, and consumed with emotions that you were told were ‘HEALED!’ - whatever is causing you discomfort right now, and blocking you from your next financial breakthrough, your unconscious mind wants you to pay attention to it to get it removed completely. This is where my work comes in (check out other client results for more)

Do you Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, I do.  You can secure your space with either a small deposit or pay the first month in advance to begin within the next 7 days. If however you decide to pay in full there are exclusive offers for that too.



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