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PART 2 - My Money Story - HOW DID IT GET THERE?

Did you read part 1?

I literally spoke about how I made the lightbulb moment of what my money block was and how I created my program - Unlock Your Money Block®.


We work hard!

We do all the things like everyone else -


Well, my dear Watson, (going to get a bit mind-techy now) here is what happens:

You are born with no fears.

  • You go through experiences and create memories

  • You absorb information through your environment, people, family friends.

  • You create your own beliefs based on your experiences good and not so good.

  • You bank them like in a filing cabinet in the subconscious mind.

  • Your belief system is formed by the time you are 7 years old.

  • You grow up.

  • You desire things!

  • Yet you respond in ways that you either don't like, or overreact and you doubt yourself and ask yourself WHY!

  • This is because you are acting upon the beliefs in the mind that you believe to be true which were there from between birth to 7.

Does that make sense?

Can you see WHY you have blockages, and why if you turn positive to a negative won't cut it because you already have the habit integrated into the mind-body connection because of your past?

You can't say I'm BROKE every single day, and then decide to say I AM A MILLIONAIRE?

Of course, it's possible, but your body thinks your lying because of your memories in the mind.

It's too much for your brain to comprehend.

if you have habits of worrying and acting in a particular way around money, it's already been there from when you were a child.

It isn't your fault nor your parents as it's most probably been instilled in them from their parents and it goes on and on through generations of beliefs and behaviours causing you to respond based on what you know already, because of your upbringing.

For me, it was when I was in the womb! That's where my block came from. It's gone now and I have an amazing relationship with money because I no longer allow it to consume me with stress, fears, or worries.

I kid you not I bought every mindset book going, I was told be joyous, be present, be in the moment, everything will come, but it didn't because deep down I FELT LIKE CRAP.

So, after applying the methods myself, and then again with the women I was working with, and then again in the UYMB program last year, and again with other clients, it freaking worked.

Now I'm not saying that you manifest a million pounds in a night. But instead of the old belief, you start to think what's possible, you start to take back your power with money, you start to behave differently, you act differently and feel differently because your money relationship is no different to a relationship with another person. If you talk about money in a negative way, you will keep getting more negativity.

Negativity can be removed when addressed. Not brushed away.

And when you Unlock your Money Block and place a new belief in the mind, you simply achieve more of what you want, with trust faith, and belief in you.

Money flows to you when you show up and take action. Not through rubbing fairy dust over your workspace.

So if you are ready to begin the inner mind work and seriously releasing the bullshit story you keep telling yourself, check out my website for more details of my current money switch programs so you can flick that money switch from scarcity to abundance, just like me.


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