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Sam Evans,
Master coach, founder and creator of Subconscious Healing Therapy®.

Introducing  the ground breaking coaching package, The Instant Recode - an 8-week 1.1 coaching programme that will decode your subconscious mind and beliefs so you can become your future self NOW.

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This powerful subconscious recoding method is for the woman who is busy being busy constantly stuck in dream mode and deeply believes that she has tried EVERYTHING to overcome her:

  • Negative self-talk

  • Inability to hold her energy for productive results

  • Inconsistency with taking inspired action

  • And who lacks in deep self-trust.


She really feels she must do more to be more when really, she is just EXHAUSTED.

She believes she’s too busy, there is not enough time, that nothing is working and it’s just how she will always be.

No matter how hard she pushes herself, she has stopped herself from growing into her future self.  She wants to evolve, but always caught up in her busy mind, her limiting thoughts, and ignoring her true feelings and desires.

It’s about learning how to understand what the energies in your body is telling you, listening and letting it go, and therefore knowing what you can do opposed to what you don’t want to do.

The women who have experienced the Instant Recode, came to me believing that nothing works just like you.

They were so uncomfortable with themselves in their body.

They were Inconsistent with their business.

They would always talk themselves out of doing things because of fear.

They deeply felt miserable, stuck and emotionally fed up and were done with how life was treating them.

After our six weeks together, my clients finally felt free.

They left honouring their power that they hold.

They left equipped with tools to manage their emotions.

They left with deep trust and acceptance of their bodies with purpose.

They no longer feel confused with what actions to take in their life and business.

They finally feel at peace within themselves and now take inspired and decisive actions aligned to their purpose.

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Throughout The Instant Recode, you will:

1.       Finally breakthrough your beliefs that are holding you back from living your purpose.

2.       Shift your energy from stagnant to strategic.

3.       Release the attachment from the past that weighs heavy on your soul.

4.       Finally feel and live a life of peace and ease.

And most importantly you will feel empowered to run your business to next level success, as a poised and powerful leader.

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