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Join the collective of Silent Counselling Practitioners & Energetic Activation Practitioners across the globe, enhance your practice, your own embodiment of self-empowerment, as one of the leading rapid energetic healing practitioners in the world.

Sam Kaur Evans,

Registered SC Trainer

Founder of the Energetic Activation Method


What is Silent Counselling?

Silent Counselling is a gentle and unique technique that focuses on the subconscious elements in the physical body by using a technique called muscle testing to determine the meridian points that require clearing. 


By becoming clear and connected to your inner guide, you are effectively able to communicate with the body’s energy system and are able to surrender the self-sabotaging energetic blockages using gentle breathwork.


There is no need to re-live any past events or even have to discuss anything as this quick and effective method allows the client to become more attuned to their inner voice.


By releasing the emotional blocks from your meridian system also known as the acupuncture pressure points, you can instantly feel relieved, creating a deeper rapport with your unconscious, as your learn to listen intuitively to what you need to let go of, and overcome any blockages.


It’s about learning how to understand what the energies in your body are telling you, listening and letting it go, therefore feeling deeply aligned and trusting in all that you can do without going inwards.

Entry levels as follows:

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Silent Counselling  Practitioner Certification 

This is for the full silent counselling certification programme.

This is a digitally recorded certification programme where in the comfort of your home you can and will embody for self, and for others, the in-depth knowledge of healing the unconscious by regulating the nervous system as you release trapped energy's from the meridian system as you learn to enhance the energetic frequencies for self and for others, and actualise empowering desires. 

This process is for those who desire to enhance and embody their own personal energy healing processes, by learning how to heal yourself, and support your loved ones.

This includes a support group to support you in your certification process.



This is for the full silent counselling certification programme plus three months of VIP group mentorship to add that personal magnetism in your business. And open for the first every cohort in May 2024.

Alongside the certification programme, you will embody the power of energetics with live coaching, and experiences to help you enhance your own life, your business and your bank account.


This will be a separate VIP support group for the duration of the programme.


limited spaces we begin 27th May 2024.


Authentically Aligned where SC meets HD!

This bundle includes the full silent counselling certification plus 

 you will learn how to create powerful group packages and execute group energetic sessions to heal the collective;

how to focus on specifics for your business using the energy clearings,

and how to read, add, and understand human design assessments to support your client's unique blueprint as you heal any blocks within the energy centres.

In this bespoke and aligned package, currently undergoing CPD certification, that energetically and emotionally activates the power from within.

This is a life time access course with 3 monthly group calls to deeply enhance your practice


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When I initially became a practitioner, I had no idea of the power of this method.  Consciously, it was another course but unconsciously it was my saviour.   As you know, negative energy causes severe stress to the body, causing self-sabotage, illnesses and dis-ease of the body.  I personally was suffering from massive anxiety, stress, flight and fight because I was so afraid of moving forward. 


By releasing the negative emotions, I was able to get right into the solution with ease and discovered that all this pent up energy was blocking my feminine flow as my masculine energy was wounded.


Instead of feeling stuck, I instantly felt free and lighter as if I could finally move in alignment to my recoded mind and new found belief system.


This is why this tool is so powerful as it's phenomenal with clients, but a gift for you that you can use every day as you learn to self-heal and put yourself right back into alignment.


This incredibly created modality aligned with my own activation method using energy, human design and deep realignment to your unconscious design, will absolutely transform your life, your coaching practice, and your own personal growth, as you will be instantly able to release ANY negative emotions, or manifested energetic blocks instantly, albiet external or internal, especially when you have no idea why or unable to consciously identify it.

By rapidly releasing the trapped energy caused by past trauma, events and experiences, you instantly activate your magnetism to create the life you want on your terms.



"I just love how rapid this technique is and how I can use it for myself.  I love how I can help my clients instantly speak up their deep problems, allowing me to deeply help them overcome their limitations."

Jesika Liston, Coach - USA 


Whether it's for yourself, something to have to regulate your nervous system, or you feel like there is something missing from your business, your ability to support your client's actually break free from the unknown root causes of self-sabotage, then this technique can support you as well as many other areas:



By regulating your nervous system you can and will release trapped emotional blocks from the body, that can cause repression of the unknown.

You can work on food intolerances, toxins and know what is right for the body and what is not. ​



By using certain meridian points, you can release heart ache, grief and loss from the nervous system stored at the unconscious level, release repressed emotions, and create healthy connections with friends, lovers and partners. 

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Release financial blocks preventing you from attracting more of what you desire allowing your body to become receptive to receive more without stress. 

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Everyone can feel stressed overwhelmed and stuck in flight and fight. SC can actively remove the barriers through this technique allowing consistency, confidence and clarity in your next move. 

Successful Girl


Success is different for everyone.

Whatever it means to you, understand what could be holding you back, listen to the unconscious and release the blocks from within. 

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And finally YOU!

Whatever you want, you can have it, simply through touch and breathwork, gentle surrendering the root causes of any problems manifested, and become the light of your life as you activate your own power to being the best version of you, NOW.

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What's the difference between Silent Counselling and The Energetic Activation Method?

Having already specialising in the unconscious mind, and now energetics of the body, I found a connection in using silent counselling alongside human design that helps to enhance your own energy centres, in tune with your body graphs. I realised that there was a missing connection from understanding the energy centres and bodygraphs, and that most people are not even aligned to their own HD.

So in 2022, 4 gorgeous humans tested this technique, and named it the "THE NEXT BEST THING TO SILENT COUNSELLING!"


There are so many coaches out there that tell you what your HD is, but what if you don't like some parts? What if you can't reach some parts? What if you don't want to fight the fear and do it anyway!? I saw resolve it! AND ACTIVATE YOUR OWN TRUTH without being dictated by a report.

This is the next level of energetic activation and I am so excited to share this to the world as one of the most powerful way's to become genuinely aligned to your human design, without feeling stuck on a report!

Check out what the the certified EAM coaches had to say!

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"Integrating all the training so far, I had my first group energetic clearing inside my programme .. Added in the HD energetic motors (head & heart) with all meridian points to clear blocked energy around self worth and self sabotage for the ladies in there, and they are still telling me how activated they feel.  This is literally a genius of a creation Sam!"

Bec McGuire, Energetic Activation Coach