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Don’t worry! It’s true the moon can impact your energy, your moods, your feelings. YES it can! But it’s NOT the MAIN reason you feel ANGRY, DISTRAUGHT, NEGATIVE, OVERWHELMED and EMOTIONAL and everything else under the sun! (funny how we always use planets to describe things LOL).

Thetruth is.. well. the reason is you. #TRUTHBOMB! You see what happens is, the energy of the moon, is believed to have some sort of impact on us and apparently we turn into wreckless, incapable human beings! AS IF! I admit, it can make me feel tired or exhausted but this clashes at my err-humm.. time of the month (sorry fellas it’s the truth!) Sometimes it can even heighten certain moods, and certain challenges appear more than before, but it’s not the moon’s fault if I act like a dick or if something goes wrong! It’s not the moon’s fault if I snap at the kids! It’s not as if the moon is going ‘hey you, your getting on my tits I’m going to turn you into a pain in the ass!’ LOL.

The behaviour is coming from YOU. The old patterns which you THOUGHT you released, haven’t gone. The negative emotions coming from inside of you, have always been there. If you feel overly emotional, then what are you not listening to? What are you NOT doing to help you get over whatever it is that you need to release? But then how on earth are you ever going to know what’s really going on? YOU CAN’T unless someone helps you connect to your unconscious mind.

For me, I realised before my coaching process of releasing and reframing, that I did tend to become overly emotional around the moon phases, but I know I was holding onto a lot of pain. I mean we are happy when the sun is beaming, but not when it’s hiding behind the clouds, and the next thing you know we got SAD! There is always something to blame here - can you see a pattern?

If you are constantly blaming SOMETHING for your behaviour, you’re actually in VICTIM mode. You are not accepting responsibility for your moods, or feelings and passing the blame - and if this is you, how on earth are you ever going to move forward?


You gotta get off the track baby! You need to understand that it goes deeper beyond the moon, sun and stars - ITS YOU.

Your intuition, your inner voice! You’re not listening to you. Your internal dialogue isn’t clear and your mind is overly confused because of your trapped emotions.

We are emotional beings and when you increase your emotional intelligence (your ability to understand why you act and think the way you do and use your emotional awareness to improve your levels of success), you literally stand, see, feel, act and speak like never before.

You have to go through a process to get to this place, but it’s like a personality transformation.

You don’t allow anyone or anything to dictate your moods; you manage your emotions, and know how to handle any challenge; you understand how to motivate yourself, even on an off-day, you have less guilt taking time out for you; if someone reacts a certain way, you understand it’s not your fault, nor your problem, but have an empathetic understanding on how to communicate effectively to yourself, and to others, without coming across bossy and domineering and worrying about what other people think.

The moon is the moon - it dissapears every new moon phase, and reappears every full moon phase. I do like the spiritual activity behind it such as the releasing, and setting intentions, I mean I got married at a new moon phase! So things like this can be used to your advantage. But don’t blame the moon for your behaviour.

Take control of your emotions and start acknowledging your deep pains, because its those that are holding you back - NOT THE MOON.

It’s too pretty :)

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