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Are You Hiding Behind A Mask?


I am now 39 years old. I know I don’t look it, but stay with me here! 😉

Being a Coach is something I always knew I would be, but didn’t actually know I would be. I just thought I was great at helping people with problems, and it felt so nice to be able to be their strength. But somewhere along my journey, sometime after I hit 27, I began to lose my own identity. I then lost it even more when I became a mum who btw are growing up so fast, that I just saw a photo of them as babies and it made me well up!! They are still my babies but seriously. time has just flown!

Anyway back to my point – if you ever decide to work with a Coach one thing I have to tell you is, to make sure you check out their credentials. What are they like? Are they qualified or certified in Coaching? What can they give to you and what experience do they have to help you become the best of you?

Now I am not just talking about you working with me, I am talking about me working with a Coach!

You have got to make sure that you do your own internal work, to not only help you move forward, but to ensure that you are always at your best for your own sessions which is why I have an NLP Master Coach who I am working with – every Monday and have been since September 2018. WHY?

You see, when I became certified in NLP, it was such an epic feeling and I released so much. It definitely was the biggest and most awakening moment for me but I felt like layers needed to be peeled away – this I am going to call it my mask – as I had so much more to let go of.

To be at your best performance, you have really got to work on yourself, your mind, release any limiting beliefs and self-doubt so you personally project confidence, success and abundance to your clients. After all, is that not why they signed with you? AND you must always protect your own mind, and well being and this for me, is my santuary!

Well yesterday I had my Time Line Therapy session. What is Time Line Therapy? This is where a certified coach will walk you through the process, where you neutralize negative emotions that are holding you back and learning your new positive beliefs and taking them on board! Magical right? It really is! So why am I working on me? Well, If I have not been my true self I would say, for almost 38 years, then it’s hardly all going to go in a jiffy! You have to want to and continue to work on you.

I have had so many TLT sessions, but yesterday was by far the biggest awakening. I had realized that as a child, a time that was full of abuse, that I thought I was, a strong child. I remember strength, courage, and a fuel that drove me daily. But when I released yesterday, I realized it was a mask. I was hiding behind this mask for the first decade of my life and because I hid, behind this mask, the mask crumbled later on in life. You change as you grown through the teenage years and hit adult hood and instead of it protecting me, I was always crying for help, seeking approval, trying to fit in and never good enough.

I really want to cry today, but then I realise I don’t have anything to cry about. I feel like I need to release! But I can’t do it! I used to be the biggest cry baby ever! But to have that strong emotion of love, and wholeness from within, to be able to stand in my true power without having the need to fit in with anyone or anything, it feels so weird honestly it does. It’s like I felt so incredible before, can I really feel even more incredible?

Every time I release, I find out something new about my self because this is what it is about. It’s about finding out who you really are; it’s about connected with your soul purpose; it’s about acknowledging your identity and having clarity in where you are going and what you are doing. If your mind is overwhelmed and you are procrastinating, you now know why – you are being held back.

This is why you need to eliminate that root cause. Not cover it up. Not find an excuse that it will be ok. Not lie to yourself but for you to BE JUST YOU!

Both my Coach and I yesterday discovered that JUST BE YOU had a much deeper meaning than I originally anticipated. It’s something that I always wanted to do and be when I was a little girl and now, I am going to help as many people I can, acknowledge their own self identity, their own self worth, their own true power, because we are all god’s gifts and it’s high time we shown our gratitude and be thankful for who we are and what we have.

We should never have to seek approval or happiness from anyone other than ourselves. If we constantly fight to do this and feel let down by things out of our control, you are giving in to the negative emotions. It’s about staying strong and confident in your choices and decisions which you can do when you let go of your negative emotions, acknowledge your positivity, by trusting your sub-conscious mind.

There is a little child in there dying to be released, and when you do, life just seems so .. different.

So open, and vulnerable, and beautiful and perfect as it is and it’s high time YOU became JUST YOU for now and forever more.

It takes a little step to get you closer to achieve this.. trust where you are now it will help you where you need to go, and when you are ready, come on over to me, and let’s get you where you need to be.

Don’t hold back – LET IT GO.

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