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From confused and uncertain, to a 7 figure business!

Today I am celebrating hard, my client. My gorgeous friend, who I just love dearly.

In fact I just love everyone I work with or come into contact with, because it's just my nature to love the world.

A client's journey - The Story of self-sabotage to 7 figures OMFG!

The client met me in 2019.

Pulled back from working with me.

We kept in touch.

We didn't speak and then lost touch.

We reconnected.

She took my 30-day empowerment challenge. in February 2021

A major breakthrough in her power and what wasn't working for her.

She found her ideal business.

She signed up to authentically aligned.

We worked on her emotional intelligence, her current sales IQ, understanding her human design, and healed her physical body. with the energetic recode.

She became aligned to her authenticity.

She had shoulder pain for years her masculine energy was blocking her ability to tap into her femininity

We healed it. Went away within weeks.

She realised her potential even more and began to tune into her ability to listen to her body and her mind.

Her business is on the route of 6 figures.

She took the money shift program.

7 days to work on her money mindset.

Self-sabotage came up big time.

She realised how much her money story was affecting her.

She signed up to work with me 1.1

She told me her business is going to reach 7 figures by the end of the year.


She came to me, no idea, confused, like she knew she could do it, but didn't know what was wrong.

Now, she is crystal clear on what she wants, and where she wants to go, and is now beginning the deep subconscious healing of her entire self-saboteurs that have been preventing her from years.

It caused her to suffer mentally, physically and emotionally.

Now she is ready to connect to her desired self, her future self, her fucking TRUE SELF!

This is the power of the switch.

You just have to find the right path for you, the right coach, the right person, to help you transition on your journey of evolutionary growth and expansion.

Never thought in my life I would ever hear these words!!!

But I will make you think such wonderful things about yourself, that you will wonder why you didn't believe it before!!

For a small investment, limitless abundance because YOU BELIEVE IN YOU!


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