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From Plan B to PLAN A

Ok. I have a confession. I used to really lack faith and trust in myself, in my earning potential, and my ability to be a powerful coach.

So much so, I would spend time looking for a part-time job, to ensure that I would be safe. But being an entrepreneur is about taking risks, and learning to fail, but getting back up, with faith and belief that ALL WILL WORK OUT.

It had been years of trying, working hard, hustling, investing, paying and seeking answers, results and satisfaction, that I could in fact do it alone.

BUT IT HURT! I cried! I felt like such a failure, until one day, a beautiful coach told me, SAM alignment isn’t supposed to be easy, it's uncomfortable!

And then the penny dropped, getting COMFORTABLE being UNCOMFORTABLE is about knowing how to hold yourself when aligning.

You see I am a big believer that there is no plan b. Just plan a. Having a back up plan will prolong your ability to achieve your desires faster. Thinking of a back up plan for longer than 10 minutes will sabotage your plan A. Feeling you need a back up plan, will send mixed signals and you will confuse yourself and inner voice will NOT BE HAPPY.

I didn’t listen. I didn’t pay attention. Until I finally embodied my self for who I am and what I can achieve.

I realised that my lack of patience, and trust in myself was causing me to constantly seek another solution, because I didn’t believe it would happen. But why rush? Why seek? Why not trust and believe!!!!!! It will happen! If you see others donig it, then it’s gonna happen for you! Just like it has for me.

This year has been one crazy year of aligning and I am so proud of myself, for what I have achieved and earned, and made, and created, because I don’t just have a plan A _ I have a plan a.1 a,2 a,3 etc.. just multiple sources of revenue, income and money that comes to me in all ways ALWAYS! EVERY DAY!

You just have to trust that you can see what you cannot see, feel what you want to feel and believe that its here already IN THE NOW.

This is the true power of being an entrepreneur in alignment to your design and why I am where I am because of this, and it’s only going up now.. Its just beautiful.

If i can do it, SO CAN YOU. I believe in you x

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