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From Working HARD to Financial FLOW

As most of you know, I am indian, and indians are grafters by nature. We all are naturally and I for one, before children, always had ⅔ jobs, making money, but for me, I was unable to keep it.

I always had enough to pay my bills, yet had no ability to allow an overflow of money in my life.

I always had to work hard, that friends even told me, “Sam you work so hard all the time!! I don’t know how you do it.”

AND IF I AM HONEST, I had no idea either.

One day, I realised that there was a block somewhere where all I did was pay bills and had nothing for me. It wasn’t until I used my own method, and realised that it was passed down through generation to generation.

I cried so much, knowing that my family only wanted to do what was best for me, and for us as a family. But it was majorly holding me back.

Releasing these blocks were so deep, but so transformational because of late, I never work hard ever. Maybe 2-3 hours max a day.

I spend time on me, every day.

I take care of me every day.

I listen to me everyday.

That I can turn off my phone, and turn it on, to receive payments, income, or money from some source or another.

It makes me get up and dance every day!!! Because work isn’t supposed to be hard, and money isn’t just for paying the bills, it's a partner, someone who has your back whenever you need it.

I took back my money power, and I’ve completely revamped my mind, to one I never thought possible.

Life isn’t supposed to be hard.

Making money is supposed to be easy, and we aren’t supposed to work graft or hustle every day.

Because life is about flow, trust and ease.

You just have to tap into you!!!! That’s the deep rooted subconscious power of healing the money mindset, that I now appy with my clients and also with myself.

I believe in you SO MUCH! You just have to do the same too!

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