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I want to share something with you:

I work with clients to eliminate the negative voices, both externally and internally so they know what their true power, their true calling, and their true passion IS! Which is to clearly to #JustBeYou! Not only that, by breaking free, clients are then able to create and design their own brand and put a business strategy in place online where they actually EARN!


We all want to achieve success, and have that income, and do all the things we FEEL we can’t have, but want it anyway! So why is it, we WANT it but DON’T BELIEVE IT?

No one can diagnose your problem, or even begin to tell you how to ‘get out of the box’ if that’s what YOU FEEL you seem to be stuck in. The only way YOU can decide on knowing what’s right, is by listening to your intuition, learning your lessons, facing the challenges, and getting yourself a great coach to help you put the tools in place so you can BREAKFREE!!

This week, several of my clients IN FACT all the clients I have worked with, have had such powerful breakthroughs. It’s not about me telling them what is right for them - I can merely give them the tools, but it’s up to them to use the tools and help chissle away that wall, or breakdown that box that seems to be preventing them from having success.

This week:

Client 1 - 7 weeks in. Began our journey together where they felt that had no mission or purpose. HUGE BREAKTHROUGH THIS WEEK - after weeks of working away, today they were able to let go of old habits and knowing that they can ask for help and they can get through anything! Asking for help is never an easy thing to do but when you do, that’s when you become the best student! All masters were once a disaster! I know I was!! Anyway - WOW WOW WOW! we spoke 2 days ago and 80% of the assignments are complete! All from having clarity and hosting their first masterclass next week!

Client 2 - 6 weeks ago we had a breakthrough call - They felt they had no clarity, didn’t know what to do or where to go, and had a huge fear of ‘I am not good enough!’ 90% of the population suffer with this fear! 90%!!!! 6 weeks in, we have focus, attention clarity and determination like no other and confidence that shines through the roof tops! WO WO WO ! Who is this person!! Her whole posture, expressions have completely changed just by breaking free.

Client 3 - We had a breakthrough call a few weeks ago, and what was thought to be the problem wasn't actually the problem. We went through some bits, and a few weeks later, they are calmer, they can breathe like a weight had been lifted off their shoulder! (AND WE HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN) YES YES YES!!!

Becoming a Coach and Mentor was one of the best things I could have ever done in my life, (after having my family of course) ;-)! Knowing that the clients are achieving, knowing that they are progressing, that they are breaking free, they are taking charge, and know that they don't need to rely on anyone else for solutions but to trust their intuition, and the most valuable tool they have is their inner voice, IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE FEELING IN THE WORLD! Success of others really does make me so HAPPY!

I always say, I am like your sofa! Lean on me, use me for support, but soon you will need to let go, and step up! Just like a baby learning to walk.

You have the right to be free and just be you!

You have the right to walk on your own two feet and know how to get back up when you stumble and fall.

It's just a matter of having someone to guide you with the right tools.

If you feel that you deserve more but don't know what it is or how to get there, if you feel that you are stuck somewhere or hitting a brick wall and have no idea how to break it down, if you are setting your goals too low, and not earning the potential you deserve and desire, then its high time you start getting crystal clear on what it is you specifically want and who you need to be, to reach your goal.

Lives are changing and you deserve to be outside of the box - creating the life you desire, breaking free and just being your most authentic self, living your life to the max - instead of stuck in one.

After all - how can you think outside the box, IF YOU ARE IN IT?

Much Love, Sam xo

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