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How Did I Create Unlock Your Money Block?

When the pandemic first struck last year, I literally had no idea the effect it would cause to myself, and to my business.

I was so happy with the way my business was running - I would always seem to meet my clients when they were ready to invest in themselves and I loved it.

I even started creating shorter 1:1 packages and this also began to work a lot in the favour of the client.

But During March - April 2020, my income dropped massively and so did my business.

It was hard not to get upset or worry and I knew that there was something that I had to change.

One of my gorgeous mentors I worked with last year, told me that I should really talk about the money mindset. At first, I couldn't see how, but the more I looked into it, I realised that I have been helping women with their income, their money, and their finances from the moment I began coaching.

  • So I got a little specific.

  • I created a method.

  • I created a program.

  • I did it on myself.

HELLO UNLOCK YOUR MONEY BLOCK® - Born during quite possibly the most testing time in the world.

By applying the method to myself,

  • my income went from £500 which had dropped from a consistent 4 figure monthly income to £25k in 6 weeks; I completely filled up my 1:1 diary til January 2021; I had consistent income regularly coming in; I mastered my relationship with money; I began to change the way I managed my income, and stopped borrowing and getting myself into debt with credit cards and loans. I completely transformed my money mindset with a belief system like never before and released the baggage of the debt I had accrued in the past

I finally took back my power which allowed me to breathe, to trust, and always have faith that income will always flow whenever I needed it, at the right time.

I launched my very first UYMB program in November last year, and it was amazing.

I've applied the exact same process in a shorter 1:1 package.

I even applied it to my bigger 1:1 package.


This program is for those women, who know they can earn an income but there is a money block that prevents them from pushing further and they just want to master their relationship with money.

This is NOT all the woo!

This is a PROVEN technique that works deeper in the unconscious mind because I guarantee, you have no idea how much power you have given money nor know where the block even began.

For me it was when I was in the womb and using my Cognitive Switch® framework, I will literally help you transform your money mindset, and get you earning your desired income.

You deserve to know why you feel blocked, and how you can achieve so much more!

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