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" I Don't TRUST myself!"

"I don't feel like I can trust anyone. I feel like everyone just lies"

Do you ever feel that way? This could be trusting a man; it could be trusting a client will pay you on time; it could also mean trusting yourself that you can show up as your best self.

Why is it that most people tend to lack trust?

To have trust simply means having a "firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something". It's deeply connected to confidence, faith and a solid belief that you simply trust.

So let me ask you, how much do you trust other people?

How much do you trust yourself?

How much does trust mean to you?

And do you believe that you can trust?

Lack of trust can cause a major disconnection from your ability to trust the path that you are on.

It can prevent you from flowing, being at ease and having faith that everything will work out exactly the way it's supposed to - it's never about the end result! It's about who you are NOW.

When you embrace who you are now, can you even imagine all the things that you can achieve?

So where does this mistrust come from?

It's not about just turning it off, and hoping that you can give someone the benefit, when deep down you really don't believe it.


When you believe you can trust, can you even imagine, what is possible?

Can you imagine how you will show up? What you will attract and what life could really look like?

You really have no reason to NOT trust yourself, but if you deep down feel connected to this post, and you feel that there is a tendency or a snippet of lack of trust from your side, then reach out to me.

Because the only way to ever have bat shit crazy faith, is when you believe with trust, that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, full of love, joy and happiness BECAUSE YOU ARE INCREDIBLE.

IT's never always about success, money or wealth. YES! you will achieve them, but if you don't fully wholeheartedly trust in you, or your abilities to make an impact, then that will be the energy that you project.

Tap into yourself, and DM me with questions about my Oneness MEthod, because your mind will be completely blown, just like my client today!!!

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This post resonates with me on a personal level. When I set myself a goal I know I can trust myself to achieve it because I will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Trusting myself has never been a big issue in that regard. But I often find it difficult to trust other people - especially men. I had one or two unpleasant experiences in the past with men and now I'm skeptical that I can trust men to look after me and treat me like a queen in the context of a romantic relationship. I'm very distrustful towards men and this is the main reason why I'm still single in my thirties


This one resonates with me today

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You’re welcome - thank you! 💖

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