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Life IS supposed to be easy...

So WHY does life feel so hard?

Why do things feel so hard when all you want to do is make an impact?

One minute things are flowing with ease, the next, something happens that affects your energy, health, & mindset creating a disturbance in your outer world.

It feels as if you can’t catch a break with anything you do, that you feel the only way to survive is to take a break.

Once you feel ready, You get back on the wheel! You push harder! You strive for perfection!

Yet still, things feel hard and the old feelings of exhaustion overtake your body.

It sucks the life out of you, you feel bored, frustrated and there’s a tiny little voice inside that whispers, I just want to give up. I don’t know what to do. Why do I feel this way?

I know that you most probably will never give up, because you wouldn’t even be questioning yourself, or feeling like this if you weren’t on the right path.

The path is long and narrow for a reason; to keep you on track. But when life gets in the way, as you know it, instead of taking a pit stop, you stop completely.

You decide it’s better to do a U-turn, and start again.

“Maybe it's me? Maybe it's not right for me? Maybe I was supposed to do something else?

Life is supposed to be easy.

We are supposed to flow in the moment, with ease, and joy, and if anything happens that crops up or pulls you back, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s more of a good thing.

What if you were being paused, to think, reconsider your next step?

What if you were being paused, to rethink and evolve for the next step?

What if the reason why you feel so stuck, is all of the above and deep down inside you have no idea why or what to do causing a deeper confirmation that life really is just hard?

The majority of the women I work with, always come to me feeling stuck, but know giving up is not an option.

They desire significant change, results and create an impact, purely because they know they can. But despite knowing what is possible, they are stuck in the land of what if it doesn’t work, causing a repetitive strain on their lives, their minds, and on their businesses.

I want you to know that things do not have to stay this way. YOU CAN SHIFT GEARS and continue on your path, simply by understanding first and foremost,


Here are my top tips to help you understand that life can flow with ease, and joy:

1.Avoid the word STOP.

Stopping will only push you harder because your ego will not let you stop. Saying to yourself I have to stop making things so hard, or be so hard on myself, shift your perception and inner language.

Give yourself permission to pause, breathe and reflect without the need of taking a U-TURN so instead of being hard, you become kinder.

2. Reframe Your Self Talk

Instead of saying life is hard, everything is hard, reframe it to; I understand I'm finding things difficult right now. It’s ok. I am on the right path and life gets to be easy.

When your mind is adamant on limiting beliefs that are integrated deep in the subconscious mind, it feels completely out of alignment when you flick the sentence from life is hard to life is easy. It’s about understanding where you are standing, what the next step is, how to do it, and then taking the leap of faith with ease.

3. Address The Current Problem.

Instead of brushing the problem away, as yourself - I’m finding things really hard right now, what can I do to make things easier? Most people want to ignore the inner critic and avoid confrontation and facing problems.

This can lead to an increase in anxiety and stress which causes dysfunction within the flow of the human body. Simply by pausing, reframing, and reflecting, you will be able to tap into yourself more and begin to start facing any problems with ease.



The power is within you, tap into it. Because you deserve to be successful.

If you enjoyed this article, I would love to know what you took from this and share your comments below.

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Lisa Coy
Lisa Coy
23 de mai. de 2021

Life is suppose to. Be easy. - I think you summed up. Every worry, fear, self doubt and lack of everything that I think on a daily basis. Makes me sound like I am a very messed up person. But to. Be honest even though I feel though things they are in prospective and they do not rule me. But they do effect my general wellbeing. X

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