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My Money Story

Once upon a time I had this awful relationship with money!

  • I never trusted myself with money! I was never responsible with money! I was always rescued by family members when it came to debt! I was always in debt! I used to resent bills, and felt deeply saddened when I had to always give my money away and left with zero.

Safe to say, me and money were not best buds!

When it came to running my own business, especially coaching, I had this tendency to expect an X amt of money every single month, because I had been conditioned to receive money only once a month.

I would wait, and wait, and wait, and if I never made it, I would become more and more frustrated that money wasn't coming to me with ease.

I began to detest myself, my behaviours and wallow in self-pity because I couldn't understand why, I couldn't make money like everyone else does?

I spent thousands on courses, coaches, and programs to unleash my potential, to create a business to make a shit tonne of money - but nothing seemed to work and I couldn't understand why.

If I had a British pound for every time I heard, REMOVE YOUR MONEY BLOCK, heck i'd be a millionaire.. LOL ok.. slight exxag but you get my point, right?

And that's when it dawned on me.

I had a poor relationship with money because of my past conditioning. I had a negative attachment to money, because of the beliefs in my head. I had resentment and detachment to wealth, because of the emotions trapped in my body.

I realised deeply that my journey with money had been out of alignment since I was 4 months in the womb.

When I created my Unlock Your Money Block® process, I was gobsmacked that the answers I had been searching for was right in front of me, but I had the tendency to want to be fixed, because I believed I was broken and that I was deserving of success, wealth or money.

I applied my method. It changed my entire life.

I coached my clients. It transformed their entire being.

Because money seems to have a connection with POWER. aka money is power, but in fact, the power comes from within you.

When you apply the tools you know you have, you begin to attract more, achieve more, and money really does become your aligned best friend.

Are you someone struggling in your business when all you want to do is get paid, then know this: this is a lack mentality, and it's only when you unlock the block, plant a new seed, you begin to see your growth flourish in all sorts of ways.

My 1:1 diary is open for my Unlock Your Money Block program.

Are you willing to finally invest in your money mindset and create the life you deserve?

Send me an email or check out the services available for more details on my website

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