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Isn't it CRAZY how much the world has changed over the years? Now, I am 41, almost 42, and back in the day, we just used to pick up the phone (once our parents unlocked the phone) and would speak for hours!

The whole concept of messaging, emails and video calls was none existent, and talking was very much THE THING!

Nowadays you can pop a message to the other side of the world where they are about to go to sleep or jump on a zoom call with a friend who is waking up as you are about to do the school run!

It really is wonderfully weird yet soo cool!

When I first began my business online, DM messaging was the one!

We had a scripted email/message, I have this wonderful opportunity for you to make a shit tonne of money, wanna join?

At the time in 2015, I thought no problem of it. But the rejection of it all, and the constant blocking on social media, made me feel soooo small!

We post and post all day every day, asking for the sale without even a thought about the person at the other end, because we were made to be obsessed about MONEY!

It's easy! You can do it! COME ON! I know you can! What's stopping you..

little did I know, it was ME!

Fast forward to now, and the whole concept of messaging is still fascinating to me. I personally love to drop a voice note, as if I can't see you, I want to definitely you... more and more people are becoming alot more confident to speak up on the messenger, and even jump on a zoom, yet so many people are so scared of asking for the sale.

Making money is supposed to be easy, in fact, it really is. But making sales is a whole new ball game - its so freakin' SEXXY!!!

SO why is it, that most people, and NOW COACHES, feel the need to do the following:

  1. add you as a friend

  2. add you their group straight away.

  3. message you directly asking for a sale.


Having a conversation with someone in your DM is supposed to just like talking... It's a conversation. There is no MEANS TO AN END. I know some of you have been taught to believe, to be direct, and just ask out for it.

In fact I do, on my posts all the time. Because this is how I love to buy.

  • I LOVE to look at the links, look at what the program is about and then BUY

  • I LOVE to know what the program is about, short and sweet, without the lengthy sales page and BUY!

  • I love to know how it's helped other people, and when the words are written as if it's written about me I BUY!

This is how I NOW PURCHASE and also HOW I MAKE SALES.

I make sales like I am in a relationship.. it's sexy, smooth, and simple.

It doesn't have to be over complicated. This is why I always share links, and always say DM FOR QUESTIONS.


Because my inbox is open always for you. I don't offer coaching in the DM but I can share so much more detail about the program, the coaching or the offer you are interested in. PLUS you can privately ask me anything - sometimes it's better that way x

Being forced to buy is sleazy, having it ready for me, is sexy! I get to choose not forced upon.

So if you ever in doubt about making a purchase, message me. Ask away any questions, it's always open for you.

But if you are struggling with making sales, and do the above procedure, then ask yourself, is this how you like to be sold to?

If not, then it's time to make sales sexy, and let go of the sleazy steve script!

You gotta do it your way. SIMPLES.

Next month in the $$$ Membership I will be coaching the women on making sales with ease.

DM ME for more info. (see how easy that was! Because I allowed it to be, and so can you! )

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