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The day I got my breath back

So I have just discovered the power of this incredible tool of blogging on your business page! How cool is this! Well firstly, I want to explain exactly what is going on!

I initially began my coaching career, with the intention to help clients to become Confident and Create Automation online to earn true success. YES - this is still my a part of my passion, but we always evolve in our lives, and this is where we need to trust in the process.

So - I had my business, everything was going swimmingly well, but for some strange reason, everyone who reached out to me, wanted to work on their mindset, wanted to breakfree, wanted to smash down that guarded wall that was preventing them from achieving success. Now - I know that I had done this already - but self doubt creeped in massively!! WHAT DO I DO!? My audience is coming to me, but I must have a way of helping them!

Daniel Tolson my incredible Coach & Mentor, came to me. He is an NLP GOD!!! And I really don’t mean that in an idolistic way - I mean he KNOWS HIS STUFF!!

When he came to me, I thought I had it all, I knew what I was doing, and I knew where I was going but for these souls that kept reaching out to me, I had to do something to better myself, to help them become empowered and incredible at what they do. But I also know, there was some niggly stuff I needed to let go of, like snapping at the kids and my road rage! I mean come on, its UK! LOL.

So I Invested in his NLP and Time Line Therapy TM Practitioner Course - Why not! I could pick up a few tricks! I know my shizzle! I’m a LOA GODDESS - Oh So I THOUGHT!

I spent 5 days travelling to Birmingham return!!! That was a total of 6 hours of travelling a day. I then spent around 7 hours a day learning these powerful tools by this man Daniel, Who I had only met online, and the other incredible coaches as well. Now how he came across to me online was no where near what he was like in person.

This man, and his techniques, help me break free once and for all. This man and his techniques allowed me to let go of so many limiting beliefs that I didn’t even know I had. He is such an incredible coach, and mentor, NO BS! and so genuine and down to earth. Gratitude doesn’t even come close to how I feel about what I have learned and let go of. Now, thanks to these skills, my clients who I now work with are having the same breakthroughs with an added Sammyiness!!

Literally, this program has changed my life, I feel like I can breathe again - could be because of the fact that I also stopped smoking using one of these techniques IN 10 MINUTES!!

Or could be the fact that I released SO MUCH PAIN AND HURT that my soul, and my spirit feels electric and alive where I don’t even need an alarm clock in the morning to wake me up. Where I don’t even need to listen to an audio in the morning to perk me up. Where I don’t even need to listen to anything to make me sleep.

This is the power of NLP and TimeLine Therapy TM and this is the power that I have acquired to help my clients, set free their bull shit story, to breakfree, and BREATHE THEMSELVES and these are the tools and techniques that I now use and I am certified in, and with PL Insurance.

I literally feel so empowered! Especially with the fact that so far in over a week I have already helped 10 clients breakfree, from 1 coaching session and step up! IN A WEEK!

Now that’s some mighty stuff! Mighty?? Where on earth DID that come from!! LOL

At the present, I am restructuring a few things within my business, and creating content and my funnels so I can share with clients how I can help them breakfree from their limiting beliefs, and to create that brand online where clients are stepping up as their true authentic selves.

So who am I now? WELL - My name is Mrs. Sam Evans.(Proud to be a wife, a mother and just me!)

My title , I am a Self-belief & Self Sabotage Specialist.

What do I do? I help clients to release their limiting beliefs so they can breath in true success online by connecting with their true purpose which is reflected in their empowered and authentic brand.

If you would like to know more, on how I can help you breakdown that wall, and create true success online, let’s connect.

It’s never too late, and never too early - the timing is always now.

Much love xoxo

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