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What if it does/What if it doesn't?

Good Morning and what a great morning it is!

The kids are back THANK GOD and finally I can get back to it. Normally, I wouldn't really care about them being home, but for the first time in history, they argued every single day!

Every single day, was a complete mare, and really freaked out.

I was so hoping for a fun break, but it ended up being a referee for my two, and me not really enjoying my time off with them.

Not every day is perfect. Everyone has a battle of some sort to work through. However, despite the bickering nonstop - it was not an excuse to not take care of my own needs and most certainly not an excuse to ignore everything.

I went from super excited to completely worn out that I now feel I need a holiday! LOL

But this is the thing - we get so excited about the outcome, when we don't get it, we get so frustrated that we end up having an inner battle of what if it doesn't / what if it does.

I know what it's like when you get so excited for something; an outcome; a goal; an intention to be, to have whatever it is you want.

The thing is, most people, including you, have this tendency to hang onto the outcome, as it's so difficult to let go of the outcome, and trusting at the moment.

So you try hard to not think about it, to focus on it, to let it consume your world. You try to control your thoughts, and feelings and sort of end up having an argument with yourself -

"Perhaps it won't happen, but what if it does! OMG WHAT IF IT DOES, yeah but I don't want to get my hopes up? Yeah but you can't think negatively or you will attract it? Ok So I won't get it."


This happens because there is a lack of trust being in the moment. The obsession with time and outcomes causes you a disconnection from being in flow, with ease and belief. It's ok to want things; it's ok to work towards things; it's ok to have a plan; it's ok to have a strategy; but wouldn't it be better to just be with ease?

Going with the flow doesn't mean you don't have any of the above - NOT AT ALL - it means having a plan of action, a desire, an intention to be, goals and outcomes, and enjoying every single moment in the present, with joy, gratitude, and a desire for more love, joy, and happiness, in everything you do.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you rest your head.

And without knowing, everything unfolds at quantum speed.

Because you did you.

You believe in you.


This is the power of the quantum flip. the quantum switch!

THE SWITCH! IT all begins with you.

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