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When I unlocked my money block, I was told I was arrogant and greedy.

When I was told I had a money block, I kind of felt relieved that I wasn’t alone. However, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t remove it.

I had no problem making money, earning money, I just had a problem with keeping it and getting into debt.

They say it's powerful to invest money and that debt isn’t always bad.

But my relationship with money was just terrible.

I had no problem investing, but I kept investing for the wrong reasons.

I had no problem with borrowing, but it was never thought about and I was drowning heavily in debt.

So much so, that in 2009, I declared myself bankrupt with a debt of £40,000. The slate was wiped clean and I was able to start again.

But then it started again. I began to borrow above my means. I began to spend above my earnings. I began to borrow and borrow and borrow that it almost killed me.

It wasn’t until one day, a wonderful coach told me, SAM you should help people with money blocks. I didn’t think I could, and then all of a sudden, things began to change.

I healed my money block. I began to fill up my diary and generated over 28k in 6 weeks.

But then the self-sabotage came back harder!!!! I didn’t trust myself at all especially as I began to overspend, and I was attacked by clients, who felt I was greedy and arrogant.

This hurt me so much, that it caused me to stay stuck, and I didn’t achieve certain income goals, and my whole income began to spiral out of control - more the received, the more I let go and the more my money spiraled out of control.

It was at this point I realised I really believed I was broken and needed fixing, and the only way people will love me, is if I buy their love with gifts, which caused me to spend without a second thought.

This is why I felt so broken when these clients attacked me verbally because I didn't understand why they did it.

Fast forward to now, after a deep few months of healing and working on myself, I realised so much about money blocks at another level. I have forgiven those clients, and let it go, because in fact it was a trigger for me to work on deeper issues.

Thankfully, I’ve generated multiple 5 figure months for the past few months, having 2-5k days in sales and it's just gone mad!

So much so, that my clients are getting it too!

This is why I say, whatever I grow through, you will go through too!

The power of calibration and expansion at its finest. EEK!! And we aren’t even close to the end of the month!

Everything begins within you no matter what it is. YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!

This is why I am so excited about my summer my 1.1 packages and there are only 5 days left now to enrole.

1. Energetic recode and the authentically aligned program are no longer available:

2. Unlock your money block(R) my trademarked money mindset transformational vip 1.1 package will allow you to deeply heal your self-sabotaging money story by replacing the old with new beliefs, to help you attract your deepest desires, IN THE NOW!

£1800. 6 weeks 1.1 Payment plans available.

3. The Oneness Method, my own method and coaching package combined with NLP and Timeline Therapy(R) and hypnotherapy to help you heal your connection with your true self, so you can love yourself whole, trust your deepest desires, and unlock your limitless potential so you can create the success IN THE NOW!

£1800 - 6 weeks 1.1 PP available.


4. Purchase both the programs for a NOW 12 week 1.1 package for only £3100 with a saving of £500.

Payment plan available. DM With your questions or the link!

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