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Why am I offering my current packages lower than most coaches?

Investing in yourself has to be a decision that you feel is right for you. It's not about investing from a low vibe, nor is it from a hyperactive vibe. It should be from a THIS FEELS SO RIGHT FOR ME RIGHT NOW vibe.

I know I spent over £40-50k in my own investment, training, knowledge and mentoring.

I don't regret a penny as it's all been repaid in full!

I couldn't have done it if I never had the coaches!

I could never have done it, if I wasn't a client.

I could hever have learned the lessons, the failures and the mistakes, if I didn't invest in me.

Thankfully, this year 2 incredible coaches saw my potential and really pulled the firestarter from within in alignment to my desire to just be myself, tap into me, and do things my way.

Everything I have acuired, learned and created, I am putting into my new 1.1 package available from September for either 12-24 week packages, at £3000 a month.

So for the last time ever, I am gifting you a chance to experience 1 of 2 or both packages (unlock your money block or The Oneness Method) for £1800 each, or £3100 for both.

The choice is always going to be yours.

Send me DM /email with questions or for the payment link.

Have a beautiful Friday x

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