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You hear me talk a lot about negative emotions, right? Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, and shame are deeply embedded feelings that you feel. So, what happens when you release them?

You feel enlightened, lifted, experience a physical breakthrough, a positive reaction and sometimes a reaction you may not like (don’t worry – it happens, it’s just the process!) But once it settles and calms, there are still self-limiting beliefs that are still there.

Feelings are one thing, but beliefs are something else. These are the reasons that you may react to something for example, jealousy of others success, or anger because you are not being spoken to or heard.

Time Line Therapy™ is also used to help release those too!

I had so many limiting beliefs but the big one I had was I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I DON’T DESERVE SUCCESS. When I had my own session, these limiting beliefs all stemmed from my father leaving us. It felt mad at the time, but once I released it, my whole perception of my life, is one now totally different.

There are many beliefs that most people in the world have, and I know most of them could resonate with you.

Here are a few that I am sure that you could do without!

1. ‘I am not good/clever/pretty/wise enough’ – there is always something we don’t have and lack in self worth.

2. ‘I don’t want to feel emotions’. A very common belief which could be a result from being hurt.

3. ‘I don’t know my purpose in life’. If you don’t feel good inside, how can you know where you are going?

4. ‘I can’t be better than others’ – a belief which holds you back and not exceed.

5. Only after I get (whatever you desire) I will be happy. Happiness is a feeling – if you can’t be happy now, then how can you ever feel it?

6. ‘Life is too hard ‘ – a belief that everyone says – life is hard that’s the way it is! But only if you make it. It’s not supposed to be hard, its supposed to be happy fun and joyful.

7. My (someone, something, _are to blame for everything’ when you come from a place like this – I call it victim mode, - you are not taking responsibility. Yes, it isn’t nice when certain things happen around you, you could say to this life is hard!!! Again its ‘a belief. If you let go of the blame game you can be free. I know – I have been here!!!

Everything I have shared with you today is not only backed up by the training and knowledge of the top therapists and practitioners in the world, but I also speak from experience.

So, are you ready to release those beliefs and create some new ones?

The timing is all down to what feels right for you!

You deserve to live an abundant, joyful happy life and when you set free these beliefs, that’s when the magic happens!

Much love to you

Sam x

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